Whether it be a hike through the beautiful Smokey Mountains or kayaking down wonderous rivers, Tennessee’s got it all for your perfect family getaway.

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A glimpse of the four-state region

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Race Escape

If you are a racing enthusiast, planning a trip to Talladega, home of the SuperSpeedway -- a leading competitive motorsport-- and the Motor Sports Hall...


Heart of the Blue Ridge

Even if you’ve never visited Cashiers, arriving in town feels like a homecoming. Maybe it’s the peaceful scenery.


Home to the Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

While Cleveland may be known for being home to the adorable round-faced Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, there’s more to the city.


Exploring the Edge

Located in Montgomery County along the Tennessee-Kentucky border, Clarksville is less than an hour northwest of Nashville. The state's fifth-largest city is one of the...


Forging ahead with attractions

Signs leaving Pigeon Forge say, "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!" and chances are, you probably will.


Summerville a Classic County Seat

Georgia has 159 counties — second only to Texas’ 254 counties.


Fayetteville Charm

The Fayetteville/Kelso area just above the Alabama line offers small-city magnetism surrounded by nature's rural beauty.


English Garden

People compare Sewanee: The University of the South to Oxford. Not Oxford, Miss. -- Oxford, England. That's high praise for the school and the area's...

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